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Welcome to the Official Website of Mick Dennis Guitarist.

Guitar Visualizations is my "Play Book" for learning basic music theory applied to the guitar fingerboard.

Mick's Guitar Tabs - a collection of my best solo guitar arrangements.

~ Mick's Uke Tabs - a small collection of recent uke arrangements

~ Mick's Chord Charts - basic charts that accompany my YouTube videos.

DrumJamTracks - jam tracks created using the DrumJam app by Pete Lockett

Montage CD - recorded in 1999. It features: solo classical guitar, vocal-guitar duos, trio with upright bass and a quartet with tenor sax.

~ Weddings, Parties, Events, Workshops.

~ Go to Contact Mick to inquire about availability and fees.

~ In 5 decades of playing, teaching, and performing; Mick has explored an extensive and diverse territory of the guitar world.

Mick Flamenco Strumming

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